Mel Moon is an established, circuit comedian with over 10 years’ experience. When Mel Moon, The 40 year old pop star, became popular on social media, people began asking if they could book her for their live events. The simple answer is – yes, you can!

As the writers and producers of well-known parodies such as:

The Jeremy Kyle song, I am the only Pricey, Who the F*ck is Boris and many, many more; we would be only too pleased to book Mel to come and perform these hits live, and even create a parody just for your event.

If you’d like to see ‘The 40 Year Old Pop star’ at your event, let us know!

Has an arsenal of dry, well crafted and hilariously written songs, original and talented” - Jack Whitehall 

Victoria Wood with attitude” - The Telegraph 

If Victoria Wood and Billy Connelly had a child, Mel Moon would be the result of that union” - Brick Lane Comedy